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Frequently Asked Questions

Johnny Doodle was founded in 2015. We started out with 4 delicious flavors of fudge. In January of 2016 we launched our first chocolate bar and we haven’t stopped since! 

The chocolate used to create Johnny Doodle bars is supplied by Puratos. The majority of the chocolate is traced back to Western Africa, specifically Ghana. 

At this moment in time Johnny Doodles collection consists of 10 different flavors: 

  1. Milk Fudge & Brownie
  2. Dark Salty Fudge 
  3. Milk Sweet & Salty Nuts 
  4. Milk Hazelnut Crunch & Praline 
  5. Milk Salted Peanut & Caramel
  6. Milk Pecan & Maple Syrup
  7. Milk Apple Crumble Pie
  8. Dark Dates & Honeycomb
  9. Dark Coconut Crunch
  10. White Creamy Pistachio

Our products are available both online and in store. You can find us at Plus & Coop. Online at and via our own webshop.

The couverture chocolate of Johnny Doodle is Fairtrade certified. Through better trade conditions, Johnny Doodle collaborates with Fairtrade to improve the living and working conditions of millions of farmers and workers on plantations worldwide and protect the environment. Local Fairtrade teams support farmers and workers on numerous topics such as management, sustainability, and safe working conditions. We also implement various impact programs in the areas of climate change, gender equality, youth, and child labor.

Johnny Doodles goal for the future is to have a fully transparent production chain, where we import our own cocoa beans, as it is always challenging to have full transparency when working with suppliers. We have taken the first steps towards this goal and are in the process of getting the right certificates for the importation of the beans.

Of course! Johnny Doodle can be found in Germany at Rewe. 

For sales in England you can contact our partners at Creme d’Or and at Faire.

Via Faire Johnny Doodle can also be bought in:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Additionally, you can find Johnny Doodle at our partner’s place in Greece.