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Who’s Johnny

Discover the story
Who's Johnny?

Daring, doing, going for it. Call it typically Dutch, or call it stubborn. Either way: we call it Johnny Doodle. Entrepreneurship and culinary innovation in one. Johnny is a hard worker, does not like to complain and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He likes to get up and go for it. He is self-made, honest and tells it like it is. What you see is what you get.

Johnny doesn’t like just saying he does things differently. He prefers showing it by sharing his passion for food, flavors and the best quality by telling you where he comes from and where he is at right now. He is proof that you can make it by being yourself and achieve dreams by just going for it, without having to make concessions. Putting taste and quality above everything else, because after all: Johnny just makes fucking good chocolate bars.

How it all started

Johnny is not just the name of our brand, it is the name of our founder. A real life man, who – back in 2015 – bought a chocolate factory in Rotterdam. His motivation for this purchase was purely driven by his love for food and his vision to create better and tastier chocolate. This is where the adventure started. He got help from a friend who was a food technologist, in exchange for a dinner and a good glass of wine. And that is what happened!

Johnny Doodle didn’t start in a lab or a factory. In fact, the first bars were made in a small 2×2 meter kitchen, surrounded by just pots, pans and the tastiest ingredients. The first chocolate bars were created by just trying out different combinations, testing, tasting and experimenting. Big chunks of chocolate with big chunks of toppings were the end result. 

The main supermarkets in The Netherlands were excited right off the bat and started selling our bars within 6 months. Johnny Doodle grew as a brand and we could not be more proud. The icing on top (or the topping on the bar 😉 ) was winning the award for Best Product Introduction in 2016.

The next step was our own food truck, which became a well known sight at festivals and on the highways, always on the way to the next destination. In 2017 alone the Johnny Doodle truck was a part of 264 food festivals. The main mission: to get everyone to enjoy the tastiest chocolate ever made. 

Meanwhile, suppliers from Belgium were visiting the factory every day to provide us with the best possible cocoa. The factory was becoming too big for the residential area where it was located so it was time to move. The new headquarters found its home in Hoeksche Waard, a town just outside of Rotterdam. This is where we started our plans to introduce the rest of the world to Johnny Doodle.

As of now, our bars are not only found all over The Netherlands, but in over 8000 stores in the United States and 600 stores in Germany. This is great progress, but as long as we are not everywhere, we are not finished with our mission. Want to help get our chocolate out there? Ask your local store or supermarket to introduce Johnny Doodle. Let’s get our bars everywhere for everyone to enjoy!