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The name is Johnny Doodle
Chief of Taste

Straightforward. Self-made. Entrepreneur by heart. Candy lover by nature. Johnny knows how to live life to the fullest. He loves the good things in life, but decides for himself whether they are actually good. Right? Johnny doesn’t take any crap. Quit the bullshit, show me the real deal! Johnny is not weird, he’s limited edition.

Johnny is all about WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get. Simple as that. It all started in a tiny kitchen with just the dream to create a true chocolatier experience, accessible for everyone. Johnny is entrepreneurship and innovation, all in one. The result is a premium bar of chocolate, made of Fairtrade-certified cocoa and 100% real cocoa butter, sprinkled with the best toppings for an unexpected taste sensation. The best you ever experienced.

Don't count calories count memories


Our chocolate, either eaten or gifted by you. Get your favorite flavor and share your Johnny Doodle moment of love. You might just see your photo on our Instagram feed. Johnny loves to see you satisfied!

made with Belgian couverture chocolade, 100% cacao boter, fairtrade certified.

Our bars are available in The Netherlands, Germany and the United States.

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